Washer & Dryer Repair In Washington DC

Hassle-Free & Reliable Washer Repair Service

If your washer or dryer breaks down, you may believe you just have two choices for getting your laundry done today: go to the laundromat or send it to the cleaners. In actuality, there is a far more simple option: call Appliance Repair Washington DC and get your washer and dryer repaired. If you notice a problem with your washer or dryer before the end of the workday, you can still call us for same-day service. We service all makes and models of washers and dryers including Kenmore dryer repair. In our washer and dryer repairs, we exclusively use high-quality replacement parts. Why? Because we want your repairs to last and provide you with a good return on your investment. We have a large stock of regularly used components on hand at each service location, allowing our experts to make quick repairs regardless of the parts that need to be replaced.

What can be expected from our service?

We provide the best washing machine repair in Washington DC. Repairing a washer or dryer used to be a fairly basic and uncomplicated task. All of the issues were most likely mechanical in nature and could be detected with a simple inspection. Repairs have become more difficult as “smart” equipment for the laundry room has proliferated. If your washer or dryer isn’t working, it’s most likely flashing an error code. Our technicians are experts in dryer repair in Washington DC. Our washer/dryer repair specialists can correctly identify and repair any problem using their significant experience with the latest models—as well as knowledge gained from up-to-date certification courses.

  • There is no power.
  • There is no movement of the drums.
  • Noise or vibrations that are too loud or too strong
  • Leaks in the washing machine
  • The washing machine is not draining.
  • The dryer isn’t heating up properly.

Why do you need our service?

If your household appliances aren’t operating properly, you should get them repaired right away. Otherwise, it may cause serious problems. Overdue maintenance, rather than a mechanical flaw, maybe the source of a problem with your washer or dryer in some circumstances. A clogged dryer vent, for example, could prevent your dryer from heating correctly and pose a fire hazard. When it comes to providing a solution to your washer/dryer problem, you can trust on our professionals to think over these possibilities. No matter what problems your appliances are having, we can fix them quickly and courteously. We fix everything from washers and dryers to ovens and microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers, garbage disposals, and more. Contact us for the best washer and dryer repair in Washington DC.